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The Hand of God

 Hand of God Thunder of JusticeHand of God

“I desire that all become aware of the grave dangers your world is in. Its darkness is so great. The time is drawing close when My Church will be robbed of all that I give of Myself to souls. Hearts have become cold and withdrawn far from Me which will lead to the doors of many churches being closed. There will be no voice heard to uphold Truth: its silence will reach Heaven.”  Now much suffering and death will occur both from the hands of evil men and by the Just Hand of God.

The fullness of what is imminent can be explained only as the Hand of God coming on the earth in justice and all will see this being proven. I know there are those who will laugh and be dismissive but that laughter will be turned to tears and they will realize that it is the parable of the wise and foolish virgins all over again.



No One can stop the Hand of God

Soon the earth will shake, volcanoes erupt, storms, lightening, wind, rain and fire will destroy. The earth will be a battleground as attacks come from every direction.

God is with His own while Satan controls the others. God is the Victor but so much horror; so much devastation must take place before Heaven’s peace rests on man and creatures.

Rockets and heavenly bodies will thunder across the sky. Some will skim earth; some will collide either with one another or with the earth. This great catastrophe is about to happen. No one can stop the Hand of God, NO ONE!

Few, very few, will be spared. The earth will be destroyed and you too who are not of God. Disaster upon disaster will soon begin and the very foundations of your earth will shake. God’s Anger will no longer be withheld.

Soon, even the sun will be darkened by man’s foolishness. This, united with fire and dust from quakes and lava from volcanoes, will ignite the air.

            But I tell you, trust in Me for soon I will conquer and rid the earth of all evil and I will chain Satan and destroy all his followers.

This purification will change the face of the earth. Mountains will fall, hills turn to dust, and oceans and all waterways will expand. Fire will consume and the heavens will fall. The earth will be shaken and the winds will howl until not one speck of sin or evil remains. No man can imagine the acts that God will perform. Never before has man known such fear. The days of evil are about to end.

The great punishment is long overdue. Justice will now prevail.

*Note: I was made aware of certain areas- -the West Coast, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angelus, Chicago, San Francisco, and many such cities around the world–European especially and Australia.

            “Now is the time when you will see the mountains fall and hills turn to dust. You will see mighty tidal waves claw away cities and towns. Rivers will swell and flow with great speed and power. Winds will howl uprooting all in their path. Snows will bury lands and giant, forceful avalanches will destroy. The rains will be relentless causing deep flooding. Now too, and because of all of nature’s fury, diseases will come to many.”

            I promised fire would fall from Heaven and indeed it will. I spoke of grave illnesses and this will be. I spoke of much devastation; killing until blood flows in your streets and this moment is upon you. I spoke of wars and rumors of war and this is happening. I spoke of great famine, plagues of insects, destruction too, annihilation and this also has begun. I spoke of a split or schism in My Church and indeed it started many years ago. I spoke of parents, children, families divided and today it is out of control. Storms, unheard-of weather, earthquakes, wind, destruction of every kind is upon the earth.

            Then God says, “A volcano is about to erupt. Fire and lava will run freely and quickly as oil on water. All in its path will be totally destroyed. It will be the worse catastrophe modern man has ever seen.”


“At every moment there are tremors under the earth. This causes the earth to shift and sets off earthquakes especially along major fault lines under mountains and under many islands.”

In a very short time you will work by the sweat of your brow to obtain just your basic necessities. The earth will be made up of much less land and all your modern day conveniences will be no more.

            Then God spoke, “In the not too far future three major cities around the world will be completely destroyed. Each of these cities is a leader in the garment industry; theater, television and stage productions; banking and financial matters for the world; publishing; the arts and they import and export to every country around the globe. Their men and women live every sin imaginable. They lure My children with forked-tongue sweet talk.”

            Then our God speaks, “In a land of palm trees a great storm of hail will devastate the land. Many, many people will be seriously hurt and others, killed. Homes and vehicles will be destroyed.”

“Manhattan will soon be darkened.
An explosion will occur.
Fear will consume the hearts of millions.
The bitter cold will be fatal.”

            This Hour of Great Tribulation has begun! I will purify and cleanse My entire earth and every person who lives. I will show you that I AM GOD and that Mercy and Justice are alive! I will shake the earth and its inhabitants. I will destruct, demolish, annihilate people and cities, countries, yes, entire areas FOREVER!

Science and technology cannot comprehend all that is now taking place under the earth’s surface.

Man however in his senselessness will not move or relocate. He ignores even basic common sense. The news media is relatively silent but I am telling you to wake up.

Disaster in its worse ever act is now to befall all mankind around the entire earth. Every punishment; floods, fires, quakes, volcanic eruptions spreading molten lava, snow, freezing cold, extreme heat, avalanches, diseases, tidal waves, powerful winds, murders, torture, death and more are in man’s future.
First I saw Yellowstone’s Old Faithful erupting then quakes going down the whole west coast. Everything is erupting and fires are everywhere. A band of fire like a ribbon extends from North America to the tip of South America. Big houses (mansions) everywhere are splitting and crumbling. As you go south adobes, huts ( mud, paper) are all crumbling and disappearing. (no explanation)

These things which you see, the days will come in which there shall not be left a stone upon a stone that shall not be thrown down.                                                                                                                                              Luke 21:6

            Then Our God spoke, “The earth will soon shake creating great crevasses that will devour many thousands of people (lives) leaving behind total desolation. Fires will consume the areas along with explosions from gas lines and exposed electric lines. Floods will follow as water mains burst and dams too. All this activity will lead to volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. “

This quake will not be measurable on the Richter Scale and will be felt for hundreds of miles in all directions of its origin. The destruction will be massive. The mountains will tremble thus causing deadly avalanches. My vengeance will befall the areas, the people where sin runs rampant and where I am forgotten.

            In the end only 1/3 to 1/4 of humanity will remain. This is My remnant people who love, honor, praise and glorify Me. These are My faithful ones. These are the ones who will live in the Era of Peace and help Me establish My New Heavens and My New Earth. They will live then in peace with God and one another.

This is of utmost importance for illnesses are not singular any longer but rather a combination of various germs affecting different parts of the body at the same time. Therefore doctors are baffled and do not know how to help their patient.

            Then Jesus said, “You will see much damage come to earth and you will hear of tall buildings downed, trees uprooted, heavy things flying through the air, rain that is horizontal.”

Devastating lightening will strike and many fires will result. You will hear of complete areas wiped out and many deaths.

The sky will fall! the earth will quake! i will send punishment that no man can imagine. Many will die of fear!

  • Electric will be cut off.
  • Water supplies will be contaminated.
  • Wall Street must shut down.

            In My due time, which is extremely close at hand, you will see, hear and feel the vibrations resulting from mighty quakes, and volcanic eruptions, all of which, will set off a series of tidal waves, avalanches, broken dams, floods, severe changes in climate and weather. Diseases will be widespread and deadly. Food and water; very, very scarce. You will rely on the mercy of others.

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel

Earth Poles

Readjustment of the Earth’s Axis

The entire earth was re-positioned in space, re-adjusted.

This has happened once before within the past decade.

The Mother Earth has been giving us numerous signs of this increased pressure, with an increase in earthquakes, with the re-activation of so many of the volcanoes, including the new build up and awakening of the mega volcano of Yellowstone.

These kinds of changes leave an enormous impact on the planet, such as an increase in the intensity of earthquakes and volcanism, the more violent and longer lasting El Ninos that we have experienced and other weather related phenomena.


The Andes Chain

God spoke, “When you begin to hear of quakes from north to south along the Western Coast of the Americas especially in the Andes chain know that pandemonium is near.  At this time you are also hearing of great quakes in the Pacific chain and in and around the Indian Ocean area.  This will set off many land disasters everywhere.  The vibrating will not cease for the earth will continue to shake.

The earth as you see it today will have a drastic change of face for I will now begin to purge and purify.” 

Message to Louise Starr Tomkiel



Floods will increase all over Europe and throughout the world, leading to a deluge. The sea will gradually rise and come in over the land. This will happen both in Europe and around the world. When the sea levels rise and encroach upon the land they will do so permanently: they will not recede. Rainstorms, hailstorms, gale-storms and tornadoes will increase to terrific levels in areas accustomed to such storms but they will also begin to happen
in regions where they do not normally occur. All extremes of weather change will occur not only within all months but even in any one day as the seasons enter total turmoil. In Europe many mudslides will take place, in ever-increasing numbers. Earthquakes will occur not only in areas accustomed to earthquakes but in new areas not normally affected. There will be another tsunami-type wave which will come over Ireland and a number of different
countries throughout the world.

 In the United States a major horrific earthquake with a number of offshoots will lead to widespread devastation.

All the weather abnormalities will go on increasing and will culminate in fire coming from the sky.



In a Heavily Populated Area

Our Father spoke, “A very deadly devastation is about to befall the earth.  It will begin in a heavily populated area where people ignore me.  Once this event begins it will travel from its focal point to areas, north, south, east and west.  Many people will be seriously injured and some will die.”
                                                                               Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel

Untitled-1 (2)



       “…Blood will flow as rivers.  Revelation 16
       The earth will be purified.
       Sin and sinner will be destroyed.
       All God’s wrath, anger and justice must now be fulfilled.
       In the end there will be many conversions.
       I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. John 14
       I Am the Light of the World.  John 9
       I AM WHO AM.  John 8
       God is Alpha and Omega.  Revelation 21, 22
       The (Holy) Spirit will call to the faithful– Come.  Revelation 22
       Darkness will be no more.
       Light- -God- -has triumphed.
       The faithful have been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb.                                                                                                                                 Revelation 22
       They have been true to the end.
       God calls out: ‘Come oh true and faithful servant.
       Come and enter the mansion prepared for you.’ John 14
       Peace reigns.  Revelation 20
       How great is our God.
       Praise Him forever and ever.  Amen.”

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel

Precis from The Illumination of Conscience by Sulema  2012 -2014: http://piccarreta.com/tag/sulema?lang=en

Economic Crisis

June 17, 2012: — 88

 You will see how things will start happening one after another. Everything must be accomplished.

You are on the eve of very big changes, my children. You will see how things will start happening one after another. Everything must be accomplished, the hour comes when the earth will be shaken very strongly, storms will have a force never seen before causing tornadoes, hurricanes, things out of the ordinary, economic chaos will be at its peak following the financial collapse.

Do not doubt the presence and protection of your Lord, your God. Remember the episode where the apostles believed that Jesus was sleeping in the barque, and they were afraid of the wind and of the storm. Jesus was there, very present, but He was waiting for them to call on Him. It was only at the end, fear having invaded them, after having tried everything by their own means and using their own strength that they understood that the danger was there and that they could not do anything, that they called out to Jesus by saying: “Master, Master, we are perishing.” And He, having woken up, stopped the wind and the tumult, and calm was restored. Mark 3, 35-41

By knowing that you are in the arms of the God the Father, and if God is with you, “who can be against you?” Romans 8, 31



god proof

  • Christians don’t shout, “I am clean living!” They whisper “I was lost, but now I’m found and forgiven.” 
  • Christians don’t speak of this with pride. They confess that they stumble and need Christ to be their guide.
  • Christians don’t say,” I’m strong.” They say they are trying to be strong because they are really weak and need strength. 
  • Christians don’t brag of success, but they admit that they are failing and they need God to clean up the mess.
  • Christians don’t claim to be perfect. Their flaws are far too visible but God believes they are worth it.
  • Christians still feel the sting of pain and they have their share of headaches but they call upon His Name.
  • Christians are not holier than thou. They are also simple sinners who receive God’s Unbelievable Grace.

Christianity on a Table Napkin:


Jesus God

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.                                                                                                                                             Romans 10:9

The real Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. He was send by God to come to the earth in the body of a human being. That was so that He could suffer in the flesh, take all our sins upon Himself and die in our place. He rose from the dead and lives to pray for us daily.
He is the Saviour – The angel announced to Mary; …and you shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21   It means He has the power to free us, save us and deliver us from sin. He is merciful and has the power to forgive. He brings good news to the poor, heals the heartbroken, announce freedom to all captives, pardons all prisoners. He comforts mourners. He has healing in His wings.
If you are not yet received Jesus as your Saviour… SAY: Lord Jesus, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Please hear me today and help me! I want to receive you as my Lord and Saviour. Be Lord of my life!  Lord Jesus, I believe that You died for me and that God raised You from the dead. Forgive me all my sins and take all my sins away. Come into my heart and be my Saviour and Lord, and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Amen

God the Father will wipe every tear from our eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, crying out or pain. We will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is The Holy Spirit will have made all things new. Eternal joy will have begun.  “For the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is His name.”                                       Luke 1: 49

Are we not like Barabbas justly condemned for murder, but saved by the innocent Jesus on the cross? Are we not like the adulterous woman, deserving of death by stoning, to whom Jesus says, “I do not condemn you”?  And Jesus saved them both. In fact, Jesus came to earth specifically to look for and save those who were lost.

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;

though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.    Isaiah 1:18

You may need some counseling with a pastor, priest or competent Christian worker, who will introduce you to this Short Course on Who is Jesus? Start by reading the Gospel according to John: It is all about love and you will love it. Read several verses before going to bed and read the same verse upon arising. Soaking yourself in the love of God defends you from attacks of the enemy

Healing and Deliverance                                                 (Ctrl Click to follow Link)

Where do we go from here?

G O D ‘ S   L O V E L E T T E R S



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