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cheap Premarin online STAGE OF LIFE

At what stage are you?

Your action to the how to order Pregabalin Thunder of Justice may depend more on what is your stage of life: after the Curiosity Stage, the second stage we find it comfortable to hang around Jesus.  We are easily able to set this Jesus business aside.  We inherently know that there is something more but we don’t know how to explain it.  We hopefully will meet someone who will clarify this interior vision.

The third stage is an Awakening.  It is not enough to ponder the mystery of the kingdom of God.  We associate ourselves with those who are involved with healing the afflicted.  We decide to organize a similar activity into our lives.  We feel a certain surge of joy as we begin to get involved.

Finally we are invited from office, kitchen, classroom or assembly line to broaden our world view and with critical eye to examine our commitment of the mission of Jesus.  It is a call to broaden our horizons.  Instead of imitating Jesus, we wish to identify with Jesus. The follower has become leader.  We must do what Jesus did.

Our world is as big as our psyche wants it to be. The command to watch and pray has new dimensions.  We await the next set of directions which will point out the next step.  The power that proclaims the reign of God and power that heals the afflictions of the world is not ours but God’s.  For our part, we will be able to reach out to others who may not even love us in return.

An Informed Faith

Even the most casual reading of the bible tells us that the reign of God is both a present and a future reality. This era is becoming the age of disciples. The laity has come of age.

We really don’t lose our faith easily any way, but our faith can suffer from atrophy because of the lack of careful inquiry. Human issues can become very tangled if we don’t have a faith that seeks understanding and asks questions. We need to challenge society. We need to search anew the demands of Jesus in very radical ways. Continue reading STAGE OF LIFE 2