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buy gabapentin 600 mg “What grieves Me most is to see My own sacerdotal souls doubting My Works, buy orlistat 120mg online india refusing to believe, thus “remoting” Me instead of promoting MeHow could you possibly compare My works with human works; science cannot be compared with Heavenly Works, it is as if you want to compare Me with men!”                                                                         July 9, 1987

 My Divine Works

My Divine Works are ever so mysterious to men and for their ability to fathom them.

You see My child, these Divine Works are beyond human understanding;
many souls do not respond on My Works for these souls seldom want to change.

These souls are attached to the world, to what is material, even though they call themselves spiritual, they are not since they cling on what they see with their physical eyes and touch with their body, they are stubborn living aridly,  their heart will not open to let My Divinity pour into them.

Yes, there are many factors that obstruct them from dwelling in My Light,
I have said and will repeat again and again these very important words: “Anyone who does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter it”

Be innocent, believe in a child-like-faith,  then My Divine Light will encompass you and you,  like a flower will face the sun and open allowing My Light to pour into you.

Understand My beloved children that I am with you always,
I love you inexhaustibly.

Message to Vassula  February 27, 1989

Faith Vassula

Vassula writes down the messages which she receives in a stately handwriting, quite distinct from her own.  She hears, interiorly, a voice first, then , when she has to write down what she has heard, her writing changes.                                                                                                                   TLIG.org

Spiritually Dead


“Spiritually they are dead; they are deserts themselves and when they spot a flower in that great wilderness they made, they rush to it and trample on it, destroying it.”   Continue reading SPIRITUALLY DEAD 2

11th HOUR


11th HOUR  The expression “the eleventh hour” means the last moment when change can happen to avert possible disaster. The 11th Hour film proposes potential solutions to these problems by calling for restorative action by the reshaping and rethinking of global human activity through technology, social responsibility and conservation.

Hasn’t anybody noticed the droughts, floods and heat waves … the pollution of the rivers, the clear cuttings of forests and the plastic that now exists in the oceans? These are symptoms of a broken connection between humans and nature.
Things are 79 to 100 years ahead of schedule. Scientists are scared. It’s appropriate to be scared when facing extinction.

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Last day on earth


Over 90% of most worries never happen. Just think back at your own history of worries to verify this. All worrying did for you was to deprive you of energy.  So worry is bad habit! So forget the past, forgive yourself and others. Instead learn from your mistakes and live as if it was your last day on earth.

The secret is to keep calm and peaceful with God. Repeat: “Lord, you are now emptying my mind of all fears and worries.” Allow God to be your Partner every moment of the day.”

 Thank God for the difficulties that you are experiencing. It makes you closer to God. Know that God is working things out for the best, when you repeat the words of the “OUR FATHER”: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…                                                                                               
You will never have to worry about being taken advantage of again unless it is God’s will. Your life is in the Palm of His hands and you can trust Him in all things. 

You are probably genuinely interested in other people, so people will like you. The person who attracts opportunity and friends has vitality and enthusiasm.

last day on earth Continue reading LAST DAY ON EARTH 2

End-time Shaking 2


There is an end-time outpouring that is about to burst.
Something that is big is coming… Set your house in order, because you won’t have time once the shaking comes. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The End-time Shaking is for our benefit and not fear for the Lord wants that one not perish. A new season or a new realm is coming. There will be financial blessings, even though the world is failing.
There will be more cycles of events (devil’s work?), but there will also be an acceleration of God’s growth of His Word. One idol after another will fall. We can expand and take more territory. The righteous will receive more righteousness. All you have to do is show up. 

There is a greater anointing as the Lord is closer to His return. (Look up for your redemption draws nigh.
Change can happen in an instant. 
We have to have solutions when the shaking comes.

For a long time many of our sand castles looked beautiful and kept getting bigger in the sunshine of the day. But now strong ocean tides and ground-shaking tremors beyond our personal control are beginning to move in, and our sand castles are beginning to crack with their very existence being threatened.                                                          
Pray, My people, pray, as the shaking of the earth increases.

My children, do not call normal what is not normal. The earth has trembled all the time, but the shaking of the earth at this instant is extremely violent, far more than what man can call normal. Great countries will lose part of their lands and inhabitants.
Pray, My children, for Japan, for Chile, and for the United States.

All the Totem poles (idols) will be in small pieces, I will take the Totem poles from all B.C. and they will be dust for all glory comes from Me. Why are they decorating and making Christmas tree idols all over this country? Their interest must be in Me and not Christmas trees

The Oshawa Prophecy Conference

These Events will Come like Boxcars

The mountains have begun to awaken for, as I have told you, these events will come like boxcars on the tracks.  As one event finishes another one will rise.  As man begins to rebuild the winds will bring it down. 

This world is not a place of comfort, but a temporary haven to prepare you for heaven.                                                   Messages to Theresa

Weird Cloud

The Final Purification of the Earth

Relentless winds, catastrophic storms and disastrous geophysical events will plague every nation on earth.  I am a loving God—but My Justice must now prevail.  I have begun the purging and cleansing of your earth—an earth that was created out of love for my creatures, a pristine paradise—that has been plundered, defiled and exploited.  The time has come as foretold in Holy Scripture for the final purification of the earth.


No Peace

Death, suffering will be everywhere.  There will be no peace except in the hearts of his believers.

The earth will rock and roll and darkness will cover all from the dust caused by quakes, volcanoes, fires and the collapsing of buildings. 

Everywhere the earth will tremor causing great and devastating disaster and deadly diseases.

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel

The messages are not dated: God is not time-restricted.


God divinely inspired the BIBLE . How do we know? Each of eight accurate predictions  show a high probability mathematically. The probability of one individual fulfilling eight prophecies have odds of 1 in 10 17  (1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000). Jesus Christ fulfilled all prophecies, therefore the Bible MUST BE TRUE. 


The Old Testament indicates another 40 astonishing predictions.


Christianity experiences stunning growth—from approximately 3.8 million adherents in 1956 to an estimated 87 to 100 million Christians today in China.


In the end, one Christian conversion will benefit the whole family.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit of healing and deliverance will help the whole family. A prayer of deliverance of evil spirits will leave any member of the Chinese family with a complete sense of peace immediately. A prayer of healing from a Christian disciple produces 80% healing. The remaining healing comes from continued prayer of praise and thanksgiving until all the healing is complete. This healing comes from the Holy Spirit through the power in the Name of Jesus Christ.  No other god or deity or doctor uses this power. This proves the TRUTH OF CHRISTIANITY. 

Christianity and Hinduism Differences


Christianity is not a philosophy, but it is  a relationship with God, your Creator,  in Christ TODAY. It is not knowledge of abstract principles.  How do we know this? Healing takes place TODAY in the Name of Jesus Christ. 



 Many Christian disciples use the gift of healing.  They also use deliverance to deliver away evil spirits influencing people. These evil spirits cause depression, addictions and illness through all forms of stress.  Only the Name of Jesus Christ makes healing and deliverance possible.Chinese Religion God



Jesus is alive today! He heals today (through His followers) and in many cases it is realized immediately. How else can you explain the explosion of Christianity, the world’s largest religion, on earth: 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. 

Christians know and feel His Presence; they communicate with Him personally; Christian prayers are always answered.

This author has been given the Gift of Healing only because he is a Christian Lay Missionary, who travels  two to three places every year. On his last trip to Columbia he successfully transferred his Gift to his Spanish translators, who were able to heal as he did. He has healed Muslims to their great surprise.

He also delivers away evil spirits along with their healing. All those who are delivered from evil spirits feel a complete physical  sense of peace.


God can give a message to those non-Christians to change their heart.  God knows faith will be developed eventually. God will come to you in the form of dreams or visions. So be sensitive to any dreams or visions, when you ask God for it earnestly.



Is the BIBLE true? 2


god proof

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