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The World Problem 2

World Problem

–Bertrand Russell


The World Bank estimates that the world problem is that a quarter of the world is chronically under nourished. It is shocking to know that this problem has been with us for centuries. This problem seems too remote for most people. Hunger continues to initiate the most violent wars. People who are out of work and are starving are the stuff of which dictatorships are made. Yet, no one truly desires anyone to suffer or starve.

A Meaningful Existence

Most of us live for tomorrow: it will be better, richer, wiser and more secure. We are all searching for something that will make our existence more meaningful. Even the ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would have to answer two questions: “Did you bring joy?” and “Did you find joy?” We truly have an obligation to be the best person that we can. Any new learning, which will aid us in obtaining that goal, will benefit  everyone. Each of us has something special to contribute. There is something that each of us can do if we are willing. Finding ways to become involved is a good beginning. We can use the time that we are given to give birth to our potential — our human trademark. We are challenged  to see new possibilities. We are living at a time of abundant new beginnings.  It is actually exciting when people come to grips with their own uniqueness as individuals. We are constantly told that nothing is free and that every investment has to have a return. Yet, over 50% of people volunteer their time at something to improve society.

An Earthly Paradise

The Buddhist tell a story of the frog lodged at the bottom of the well, which cannot  ever understand the limitless expanse of the sky. If we can only step out of our own perceptual traps, we can begin to see the beauty and goodness. An earthly paradise is not some far-off impossible destination. It can be a loving voyage in the here and now. We are responsible for creating our own paradise and the time to start the voyage is NOW.

The Save-the-World Mind Set

We are living through a period of an unprecedented social and technological change.  This rapid advancement in technology and human networks have exponentially opened up new pathways to actualizing one’s passions. People want to broadcast and express themselves and even cultivate a following. There is an increased global awareness and connections to others in remote areas. Many people do not associate helping the poor around the world as a calling from God. They think that Christianity is a laundry list of vague beliefs that have little meaning on how they spend their time. Actually, they lack a deep understanding of their faith and that following Jesus is a way of life..

Many people aspire to science-related careers. Some people assume that science has cornered the world on knowledge: things are only true when they are tested with scientific methods. There is a name for this: scientism. This thinking must not become more important than obedience to God.

Here is what Sir Isaac Newton said about his belief: “ I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by those who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.” He credited his Creator with the existence of the universe. Each moment has a life upon itself with as much potential for joy and happiness as we are willing to bring to it: life is wonderful; joy is our birthright and love is what it is all about.


Having more of anything other than the love for God and neighbor will leave you dissatisfied with relationships and possessions. To love is the greatest of human experience and sooner or later we discover that life without it is empty and meaningless. Love is always worth the effort. Kindness in giving creates love. Each of us bears a torch but we must keep it lit. The hope of tomorrow is that these blazing torches will provide hope for tomorrow. We want to leave the world a better place for our having to be in it.

To Build a Team

Today people don’t want to be only hearers of faith but also doers — to put feet to their faith: action on behalf of others. This is empathy: the ability to understand and take on yourself the burden of others to serve and restore God’s world. God has made all things and He is making all things new for you. So what has God called you to do in partnership with the community of Christ-followers?  How can you be on a mission in the world for Christ, based on what you are gifted to do? Continue reading The World Problem 2

Divine Justice of God 2

Thunder of Justice

    Divine Justice  

This hour of Mercy is about to end and all the earth, all mankind, will see and feel the hour of God’s Divine Justice.  His chastisement is upon you.  The entire earth WILL be purged and all mankind will suffer greatly!

       This day is upon you when every nation, every island is about to feel God’s mighty wrath. 

Many areas will be completely annihilated- -gone forever.  Millions of lives will be lost, many forever.

       Children, I tell you a great destruction with much persecution is NOW coming to earth.  God’s arm IS falling.  No one anywhere will escape it.  Sin and ill-pleasure has blinded most of mankind.  The stars will fall, the sun too.  Storms of all sorts will penetrate the earth.  Men will know terrible fear as the Voice of God thunders in their ears.

       The sky will darken, the air will be rancid, the water poisonous, the food tainted.  Temperatures will escalate and plummet within hours.  Sickness and suffering will be everywhere.                                           
       Yes, the entire earth WILL shake and all will feel it.  As our God has said, ‘all will worsen’ yet few are concerned for sin and Satan has such a firm hold on them.  They cannot see past their present moment of sinful pleasure.  They are blinded to reality for their souls have been abducted by the devil. 

       You can no longer be lukewarm.  You must choose sides today.  By choosing God you will receive strength and peace to see you through it all.  His great Divine Light WILL lead you.  He will remove all fear from your hearts and minds for His Mercy endures forever to those who love, follow, obey and fear Him.

To procrastinate is foolish for tomorrow may be too late.  Remember, you know not the day OR the hour when the Master will call you.  Be prepared!  Believe! 

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel



The New Age Movement

Then God spoke, “This day will see much turmoil for the quakes will increase and the core of the earth will split thus the earth will be loosed from its axis! Such a crisis has never been seen since the creation of the world. Sins of magnitude proportion have caused the hand of justice to fall, to destroy, to annihilate.

Each day, each hour brings you closer to the demise of life on earth as you know it. Each time there is a quake this great catastrophe becomes closer to reality. And it will be !!!

I say to My own- -be ready for the moment is nigh. Then all I’ve spoken of WILL begin- -everywhere. Rest assured that I will take care of My own.

Thousands are already homeless and hungry. Soon they will also feel the cold and need coverings (clothing). Their land lies barren and many shelters (local and state) are already overcrowded.

This is just the beginning! People do not see or understand the real cause of all these events. All is punishment for your many free will sins. No part of the world is exempt! No human is sinless! Each time you hear the news or read of it you will see that all is worsening.

My heart is greatly afflicted because of the numbers of sin in the world.
There is no end to abortion … and now Satan has begun to use all his powers to thrust his own religion into the world. Truly he has given the New Age movement great powers.
I have come to tell you that these are lying wonders he works, and that you are now living in the Age of Lying Wonders.

My dear children, please amend your ways and pray for those who are involved in witchcraft and the New Age movement.

Messages to Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.



Love Gone Cold

In just one single generation, our “intellectuals” have persuaded, what is now a majority, that human life in the womb is disposable; that old-age, depression, and sickness are reasons to end your life; that your biological sex is irrelevant, and that exploration of what was once considered devious and perverted behavior is now “healthy” and “good”. Suicide rates are climbing and considered “epidemic” in many countries, and it is no wonder: we are a generation taught that there is no God, that everything is random evolution, that we ourselves are not only meaningless particles, but the worst enemies of the planet. And perhaps the greatest attack on human dignity and worth is the plague of pornography that, almost single-handedly, is destroying self and mutual respect and the true meaning of beauty in the greater portion of the population. When we hate ourselves, how can we love our neighbor? When the view of one’s own sexuality and meaning is twisted, how can we view others otherwise?

Thus, with such an attack on the value of life, sexuality, and the family—in a word, all that is good—it now makes complete sense why St. Paul penned these words:
Understand this: there will be terrifying times in the last days. People will be self-centered and lovers of money, proud, haughty, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious, callous, implacable, slanderous, licentious, brutal, hating what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, as they make a pretense of religion but deny its power.                                                                                                 2 Timothy 3:2-5

Forget earthquakes, plagues, and famines—the above, to me, is one of the greatest “signs of the times.” Indeed, speaking of the “end times”, Our Lord Himself correlated lawlessness with an accompanying decline in civility:
because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.                                                                                                                    Matthew 24:12

Mark Mallett— The Collapse of Civil Discourse



Some messages are not dated: God is not time-restricted.

from The Illumination of Conscience by Sulema  2012 -2014: http://piccarreta.com/tag/sulema?lang=en

Consequence of Sin

October 14, 2011–155

All this is a consequence of sin: the wold is saturated with the blood of innocents. God’s children have accepted to live in all sorts of sin and worst still, they don’t believe that sin exists: they have banished the word from their language. All is permitted—even the sins against nature. They don’t think of the Commandments and the laws of God. Many even attack the Church.

God's Divine Justice

Different Sects

December 12, 2011 –141

It had been announced at Fatima (1916—one hundred years ago) and at Salette (1846) that the Church will undergo great persecutions; without any resistance, people will listen to false prophets.

There are so many different sects that abound through the world, who have as its goal to destroy Christ and all that is sacred in His churches. These sects include masons, Rosicrucianism (La RoseCroix), New Age, Occult Science, etc.  “You will not have other gods except Me. I am the Lord, your God.” Deuteronomy 5 The Churches are nearly empty: the third commandment is almost forgotten and we exlude God on the day that is reserved for Him. God gave us six days and on the seventh day, He asks us to honor Him and to meditate on His Word.

September 19, 2011 — 144

Occult sciences and false doctrines enslave souls. See a priest for deliverance.

People believe in everything except the holy Bible (doctrine). My Immaculate Heart is most afflicted at the sight of the great number of children who have let themselves be shackled by occult sciences of all kinds, by the New Age… You are led to believe that these practices do no harm and on the contrary, that they are good for your health, to be in shape, to remain autonomous, that these techniques are safe, etc. Look at how many people of all ages have fallen into these traps, even children in school. Yet, we conceal from you what is behind all of this.

Satan himself is camouflaged as an angel of light and makes you believe blindly in yoga, in reiki, in tai-chi, in therapeutic touch, in esotericism, in energy transfer and in so many other things that have as a goal to distance you totally from you Lord and your God, your Father.

Saint Paul has told you: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires” 2 Timothy 4, 3. This is the period that you are in.

Discern what pleases the Lord, I beg you, my children, and take no part in the sterile works of the darkness, for the Lord has told you: “You shall have no other Gods before Me. I am the Lord, your God.” Deuteronomy 5

“I am the Light of the World. Those who follow Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life.”                                           John 8:12

Divine Mercy: the Second Coming


God divinely inspired the BIBLE . How do we know? Each of eight accurate predictions  shows a high probability mathematically. The probability of one individual fulfilling eight prophecies have odds of 1 in 10 17  (1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000). Jesus Christ fulfilled all prophecies, therefore the Bible MUST BE TRUE. 


The Old Testament indicates another 40 astonishing predictions.


Christianity experiences stunning growth—from approximately 3.8 million adherents in China in 1956 to an estimated 87 to 100 million Christians today.


Christianity and Hinduism Differences


Christianity is not a philosophy, but it is  a relationship with God, your Creator,  in Christ TODAY. It is not knowledge of abstract principles.  



Some Christian disciples use deliverance to deliver away evil spirits influencing people. These evil spirits cause depression, addictions and illness through all forms of stress. 


After you have been delivered from evil influences, you will have a definite physical experience of a complete sense of peace.


Once you experience a physical sense of peace because of deliverance, you know that you will be healed. This helps you build up your faith, which is very crucial: No faith! No healing!

Some Christian disciples have the gift of healing.   Only the Name of Jesus Christ makes healing and deliverance possible.


In the end, one Christian conversion will benefit the whole family.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit of healing and deliverance will help the whole family. A prayer of deliverance of evil spirits will leave any member of the family with a complete sense of peace immediately. A prayer of healing from a Christian disciple produces 80% healing. The remaining healing comes from continued prayer of praise and thanksgiving until all the healing is complete. This healing comes from the Holy Spirit through the power in the Name of Jesus Christ.  No other god or deity or doctor uses this power. This proves the TRUTH OF CHRISTIANITY. 


Chinese Religion God



Jesus is alive today! He heals today (through His followers) and in many cases it is realized immediately. How else can you explain the explosion of Christianity, the world’s largest religion, on earth: 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. 

Christians know and feel His Presence; they communicate with Him personally; Christian prayers are always answered.

This author has been given the Gift of Healing only because he is a Christian Lay Missionary, who travels  two to three places every year. On his last trip to Columbia he successfully transferred his Gift to his Spanish translators, who were able to heal as he did. He has healed Muslims to their great surprise.

He also delivers away evil spirits along with their healing. All those who are delivered from evil spirits feel a complete physical  sense of peace.


God can give a message to those non-Christians to change their heart.  God knows faith will be developed eventually. God will come to you in the form of dreams or visions. So be sensitive to any dreams or visions, when you ask God for it earnestly.



Is the BIBLE true? 2


god proof

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