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Proof of Heaven 2


The proof of heaven starts with thousands of people around the world who claim to have had near-death experiences (NDEs). Scientists believe that these experiences can be easily explained as mere fantasies triggered by an extremely stressed brain. That belief changed for Dr. Eban Alexander.

Dr. Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a comma because of a rare illness: a disease so lethal that only 1 in 10,000,000 survive. His brain, that relates to thought and motion, had completely shut down. His condition was so bad that doctors were ready to stop all treatment. But then he regained consciousness and opened his eyes—and was healed: it was a medical miracle! Dr. Scott Wade who attended to him at the hospital concluded that having a full recovery from this illness after being in a coma for nearly a week, is truly remarkable.

proof heaven

During this laps of time he learned that “the death of the body and the brain are not the end of consciousness and that human experience continues after the grave. More important, it continues under the gaze of a God, who loves and cares about each one of us and it is about… where all the beings are ultimately going.” He claimed that the this place was real. Real in a way that makes the life we are living here and now completely dreamlike by comparison”.

He saw his experience as a duty or a calling to tell people what he saw beyond the body and beyond this earth. He wrote a best-selling book: The New York Times book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. No matter what your personal beliefs might be, these ideas will change your life. You are learning about a new world for you: a vast and incalculably positive journey.

You are learning that there is a God in heaven who controls everything and has a plan for you. He will give you eternal life in heaven if you live a life of humility, piety, dignity and inner poverty. All you have to do is follow 10 rules. And you don’t have to change any dates of your religious holidays! Wouldn’t Thomas Edison be surprised; he once said the he had “never seen the slightest scientific proof of religious theories of heaven and hell.”

While his body lay in coma,  Dr. Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself. Dr. Alexander’s story is not a fantasy. Today he believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition. 

His heavenly experience was like a fetus floating in a womb. The “mother” of this fetus was God, the Creator, the Source who is responsible for making the universe and all in it. He had God as his companion, who was so close that there seemed to be no distance between them. He felt like he was being born into a larger world, and that the universe itself was like a giant beautiful cosmic womb. He learned that there was more than one universe, but that love was the center of them all.

There were millions of butterflies all around. Someone was next to him, a beautiful girl who rode along together on wings like a butterfly: her message was three-fold: “You are loved and cherished , dearly forever”. “You have nothing to fear”. “There is nothing you can do wrong”. This love that he experienced was unconditional: it became his most important discovery.

He leaned that he was able to instantly and effortlessly understand concepts that would have taken him years to fully grasp on his earthly life. Thoughts entered him directly. Knowledge was stored without memorization, instantly and for good. He learned that the physical side of the universe was a mere speck of dust compared to the invisible and spiritual part.

In the worlds above this one, one could access any time or place in the world:  time simply doesn’t behave as it does here. It’s not “one-thing-after-another” in those worlds. A moment can seem like a lifetime. Continue reading Proof of Heaven 2


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Historically, selective rodent strainshave been used in the chronic bioassay; however, each strainhas both advantages and disadvantages. We just want you to better understand how toboth create and break down words.

One of the main differences between thosearticles and the updates released by the WHO was that while the WHO onlystated that this novel coronavirus was in the same family of viruses that causeSARS media sources quickly made a more firm connection.

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If one ignores the DnA repair processesof cells, or assumes that these protective processes becomesaturated or overwhelmed by “background” mutational events,it can be postulated that some unrepaired genetic damageoccurs with each and every exposure to a carcinogenic sub-stance. Guandalini and apanel of experts from the European society of Pediatric Gas-troenterology orlistat precio Hepatology, and Nutrition found that a sin-gle biopsy from the small intestine could detect the diseasewith 95% accuracy. The mechanism of actionis similar to CQ orlistat precio and it is equally active againstCQ-sensitive, but more active against CQ-resistant P.

The outcomes and goalsmust be written to include (1) the action or performance (e.g., “will ambulate”), (2) measurablecriteria that determines whether a task has been accomplished (e.g., “walked from bedroom tokitchen”), and (3) a time period within which it is expected the outcome or goal will be met(e.g., “in 1 week”). Ourpreferred dressings are Vaseline-impregnated gauze over the incision orlistat precio Kerlix (Covidien,Mansfield, Massachusetts) fluffs, and a 6-in. injection orlistat precio interferon is distri-buted to tissues.

Theleft side of the heart pumps blood through systemic circula-tion. Because of the overriding of aorta, there isadmixture of blood of right and left ventricles.

Human T lymphotropic virus type-? and adult T-cellleukemia in Japan. I can objectively say orlistat precio “I am bored with this task,” but not, “This task is boring.”Boredom is a fact about experience, not about the task.

Hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias develop only on rapidi.v. In the ARIC study, the net reclassification index(NRI) when C-IMT alone was added to traditional car-diovascular risk factors was previously discussed, sug-gesting significant improvement in cardiovascular riskprediction models. Micro-biologic diagnosis is typically confirmed by materialobtained from surgery, but empiric antibiotic treatmentcovering S. Peristalsis results in the distal mass movement ofthe colonic contents. The resultant minute ventilation must besuf?cient to produce adequate CO 2 clearance. In: Gamma and Miesan (eds) orlistat precio Care-giving in Dementia:Research and Applications.


Always maintain a level of politeness. Try listening and don’t counter punch. Keep disagreements in slow motion. Blend your lives together.

Confess each other’s weaknesses to lend encouragement and understanding from your mate. Conversely, try to build up your partner’s ego and esteem. Affection will flow back to you.


When we give our lives to God as a married couple, our life starts coming together. We experience an internal stirring – a new frontier for us. New talents emerge within us not unlike the promised gifts of the Holy Spirit. Love makes us more attractive. This doesn’t happen at some later date. when you have made enough money or achieved success. It happens right here, right now. Continue reading BLEND YOUR LIVES TOGETHER 2




Prayer in itself allows us to recall that all of life is lived in the context of God’s life, and so daily commitment to prayer is essential. A minimum of five minutes in the morning puts God in charge of our thought forms throughout the day. Otherwise our mind wanders too much. The effects are cumulative not unlike physical exercise. You may not notice it but others will notice the change and respond accordingly.

Rather than saying the right words, prayer is more a matter of trying to live for the right reasons and to express this in our prayer. If we are a person who tries to be present to life, then we will find ourselves present to our prayer in just the same degree.

So why get caught up in some “religious fanaticism” that demands so much: “To you the mystery of the kingdom of God has been confided.”

The reason is because actually the load is surprisingly easy and the peace it brings is surprisingly peaceful.

We become totally immersed in faith to the extent that we become prayer. We begin to think and act differently every day because we believe. We do not relinquish anything of our lives except what is foolish, time wasting or useless. We live with eagerness, and with a possibility of adventure and joy. We wait for God in each day with urgent patience. We begin working and praying in common with other people in the church and we begin to share our faith. Continue reading OTHERS WILL NOTICE THE CHANGE   2 




Our mind is split into two: one part stays in touch with love, the other wallows in fear. The way out of fear and anxiety is through opening the mind to love. Love casts out fear the way light casts out darkness. The peace of God is a Gift to you.

At the last moment when things look the worst, God usually appears only when we bother thinking of Him — not because of some sadistic sense of humor. We thought we were waiting for Him, but He was waiting for us to begin.

In God’s world, which is the real world, the more we give, the more we have. The people who have achieved more are only a half step ahead of you in time. Bless them and their gifts.  God’s plan has room for everyone. It’s not my career and my money anymore; it is our devotion and our work.

We don’t ask God for too much; we usually ask for too little. The help might not come in the form we expect but it will come. We recognize it by how we feel: an inner peace. Continue reading GIFT of MY PEACE 2



God summons us to this journey. We invite those who choose to


Come along on this pilgrimage. We promise no material advantage. We do promise meaning and inclusion in the community of faith – think: a new liberty and a new freedom and good health.

We as pilgrims feel certain that God, the Terrific Lover, has been present in the details of our days, as we chart the course of this journey.

The Lord’s Prayer says it all: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And if that goal were characterized with a seriousness of purpose and direction, would not God respond in love to our prayers to follow His will?

Actually there is no moderate way to read the gospel and there is no middle road to follow Jesus. We must assert ourselves with our own deepest truth and at the same time reach out with great love to another. We were made for God; we were made for love.

Do what you love, but don’t do it for the money. The attachment to money is a huge temptation to deviate from love. Remember the purpose of your career: to channel God’s love, to spread joy.

When our motives are getting and not giving, our mind becomes the source of greed — it dulls our creativity and wastes our energy. Our money is God’s money. God wants us to have whatever material support contributes to our happiness. Ask God to channel His abundance through you in a way that serves the world. Continue reading THINK GOOD HEALTH   2




We may have psychological wounds that take a lifetime to be healed. We may suffer from poor self-esteem: we feel that we have a lot to lose if another person really got to know us and perhaps they will not like what they find. We may have scars caused by old betrayals and rejections that have not healed. We may have cultural and ethnic backgrounds that limit our capability for warmth and openness.

Few of us were raised with a sense of unconditional approval. Instead we were trained for the struggles of the world. We develop an ego — a false belief about ourselves. Our ego, our small separate self, separates us from love. By looking out for oneself, one deviates from love. We then begin slowly to fall apart with fear & anxiety — that we aren’t good enough.

However, it seems that in times of sorrow, God is mysteriously most accessible. In some profound sense, life is not ultimately absurd but rich with redemptive meaning, though we do not feel this nor can we explain it very well at the time.

It is the work of years that allow love to heal and forgive. The work of becoming love, and of becoming what God is, may be accomplished in an entire lifetime. In the end, it is upon completing these tasks of love that we will be judged.

So relax and feel love in your heart in situations that you meet. The world softens when you soften and the world loves you when you choose to love the world. Then when love matters more to us than anything, God, in turn, gives us an outpouring of His power. We are given His power to share with the world, to heal all wounds, to awaken all hearts. Continue reading PSYCHOLOGICAL WOUNDS 2