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                                                                                      A Cross in the Sky

August 4th, 2012 –126
Prepare, my children, you will soon start to see things that have never been seen, the time remaining will be increasingly shortened. Everything will soon change and people will not have time to convert, to change their conduct, because they will have left everything to the last moment. Convert, make peace with God, time is quite short.

I have told you to look to the sky, for a great sign will appear. It will be the Glorious Cross of my dieing Son Jesus and everyone will see it. It is the sign for you to prepare for the Illumination of Consciences; it will come from the east to wake up all of humanity. Look at the sky and you will see.

From The Illumination of Conscience by Sulema  2011 -2014:

July 7, 2011–113

See how the seasons are changing now: spring is different and the summer is sometimes hot and sometimes cold. As a consequence of the displacement of the axis of the earth, we will see dramatic changes.

August 5, 2011–127

You have already seen signs of dead birds and signs of dead fish on the beaches around the world.

Your Sacred Heart of Jesus: Vol 2, November 29, 2012–175
Here come dark days, sad, where the suffering will be so great that living will envy the dead.

Look around you how the distress is great; people no longer know what to believe, who to follow; everything is in shambles. Follow My road, My children, for it is late, the transformation of the earth has already begun. Soon you will start to live extreme meteorological changes. Winter will be very different, My children, at times it will be hot, and sometimes for long periods. Summer also will be very hot, there will be areas that will become unlivable, which you will soon see.

Last October, you saw hurricane Sandy and the great damage that it left in its wake. I tell you, hurricane Sandy was a beginning of the transformation of the earth. You will see how everything will worsen; the wind will be relentless in its course.

What will it take to wake you and make you understand the language of nature? She [nature] is talking to you, listen to her! She asks you to cease offending God, the Creator, to stop disobeying Him and to follow His Laws of Love.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

2. The Warning

August 1, 2011–125

These events will begin gradually in different parts of the world. Then there will be a great catastrophic event:

 Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42

Take My words seriously, for very shortly you could regret it. The hour is grave; pray, adore, repent of all the evil that you have committed, in the sacrament of reconciliation in order to be in a state of grace when the time comes.

Don’t say that there have always been warnings like this. This warning is true and you will be very surprised.

Mary Queen of Peace: April 6, 201, Vol 342
My Immaculate Heart bleeds from seeing these days of sorrow that approach.

My Son has told you that the secret of Fatima is being accomplished; you are living the beginning of the end of times. Do not be afraid of the coming days, the Glorious Return of my Son must be prepared; these events are necessary, they are before you. The world will suffer from new diseases and plagues, you will see great phenomena in the Sky, floods will be more serious, for the water will clean the earth and fire will purify it. The fury of nature will surpass everything you have seen in the past, the earth will shake in its depths.

I come to prepare you to traverse these days of purification, and it is why I ask you to consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart, your only refuge, where you will be sheltered from all kinds of bad weather.

3. Brutal Catastrophes

April 27, 2011–81 

 You are being warned so that you may better prepare.  It has already begun. Man is destroying everything and no one is taking responsibility. The world will undergo a very great economic chaos. It will be necessary to live with just essentials and to learn how to share what you have.

We are talking about all kinds of catastrophes: earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, freezing, blistering winds and storms, mortal heat, and comet invasions – things that you would never believe possible in a few places throughout the world.  Europe will have a very heavy cross to carry and the United States will be seriously affected. Canada will not escape some trials.

September 30, 2011–148

The Indian Plate will set in motion a large tsunami. The turbulent power of the oceans will scare humanity. (The Indian Plate or India Plate is a major tectonic plate straddling the equator in the eastern hemisphere.) Continue reading CATASTROPHES: SIGNS & WARNINGS 2