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buy generic clomid cheap FAITH — THE MAGIC OF BELIEF

We can fritter away a great deal of energy with small worries and miss so much of what God has planned for us. Are we still tinkering with what is trivial or foolish? non prescription cytotec Are you living yet?

Are we missing out on real new possibilities?  Would we not be much happier if we moved deeply with God into relationships and community with others?

So why do people live out their lives in a way that suggests they are really waiting for their lives to be over in order to be with God for eternity?

 Why do people live out their lives in such a way as  to become the persons that they wish to be in five or ten years? 

We are not talking about mentors whose lives we admire. We are talking about now, when we should accept who and what we are in the present?  Some refer to this as the sacrament of the present moment.

 It seems that we are content with shuffling along getting by with as little of life and experience as we possibly can.  But if we live vigorously, the new life that becomes ours is none other than the life of God.  God’s presence within life is very real and it is everywhere.  One does not go outside life to find God.

St. Augustine wrote that wisdom is not what is to come in the future, nor what has been in the past, but what is.   Maybe we have to recognize these religious experiences in the matter  of everyday with a little more sensitivity. 

Can we sharpen the focus of the eyes of faith — in the ordinary?  Continue reading ARE YOU LIVING YET? 2