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If I had damaged my spirit, I need to approach God and feel His growth of healing love. If I had broken laws or sinned, I need to change my heart, forgive myself and then move onward. If I had hurt someone, I need to start loving them – honestly – and seek their forgiveness. Repentance can be as easy or as difficult as we make it.

If we fall down again, even if it is a thousand times, we need to get up, dust ourselves off, and get moving again. We’re growing more than we think. All experience can be positive.

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The spirit in us is powerful. It can give strength to the body, ward off illness, or, once the body is sick, to cause it to heal. The spirit has power to control the mind, and the mind controls the body.

All comes from within. All misery comes from within. We can create our own spiral of despair, or we can create a trampoline of happiness and attainment. Our thoughts have tremendous power.

We do not deny the presence of the illness or problem; we simply deny its power over our divine right to remove it. We are to live by faith, not sight. Sight is involved with the analytical mind. Faith involves the spirit. To gain faith, one must practice the use of it.

The spirit communicates with God; it is the receptive device that receives insight from Him. The source of energy is God and is always there, but we must tune Him in. Continue reading HEALING AND GROWTH 2




God doesn’t punish us by sending illness to us. On the contrary, illness forces us to depend on God even though some people, who are ill, may feel bitter initially. In the end, illness forces us to focus on important things in our lives. It teaches us to pray. So there is a blessing of illness.

Real health is inner peace even during the experience of critical illness. This happens when we surrender our illness to God. It is almost as if our illness was a “wake-up call” for our lives to really start. Finding that essence is our return to God. It is the real purpose of our lives. So healing is a return to God and love.

We are spirits and not bodies; we are eternally healthy and we are incapable of sickness from the perspective of the spirit world. The mind is more powerful than the body. It sometimes blocks our capacity to find God. Instead it must be used as a springboard to soar into His arms. We must turn our eyes away from the sickness to the love that lies beyond it. No sickness can diminish our capacity to love.

Sickness is a reflection of our own love that needs to be reclaimed. We must let go of our thoughts of fear and embrace a world of hope and love. This surrender is so gentle you need only whisper it and all the spiritual power of God’s love will rush to your assistance and support. God does His part when we do ours. Continue reading BLESSING OF ILLNESS 2




There is pseudo-scientific evidence for those who still wonder or who can never comprehend anything in the spiritual realm. There are well documented personal encounters in a life after death occurrence where people died for short periods of time and came back to relate their experiences: a voyage in a long tunnel toward a light that most believed it to be God. Their whole life passed before them in seconds while in the presence of a judgment of a Supreme Being. Thereafter they are momentarily reunited with people that had died previously in an unbelievable peaceful milieu from which they did not wish to leave. Obviously in this life-after-death experience, their spirit was always forced to return to their bodies.

Conversely in a few instances the spirit was drawn into a more foreboding place. In one true story, a recovering drug addict thanked his assailant, a drug enforcer for saving his life, the life of his wife and his two children. In the hospital emergency where he died for a half hour, his spirit witnessed a foul frightening abyss. This experience scared him so much that he eventually became a born-again Christian. He was enthusiastic to recall this story to the drug enforcer who had broken his arm in many places; he wanted to tell him that he forgave him.

Stories like this appeared in the book section of the Reader’s Digest collected by a heart surgeon. This was based on a book, LIFE AFTER DEATH, written about 250 people from all over the continent who experienced similar phenomena and who did not know each other. This article attracted so much attention that the Reader’s Digest devoted the book section of a subsequent month based on all the letters they were receiving.

A recent Angus Reid poll (Feb/96) found that most Canadians are interested in almost everything spiritual-except the churches.


LISTEN TO THIS SECRET                         

Continue reading LIFE AFTER DEATH  2




The Lord has fairly specific plans for us and it is possible to find out what they are. We have to believe IN GOD WHOM WE TRUST: God  is anxious to communicate with us and would do just that if only we would get serious about hearing from Him. The problem is that we are attached to doing our own will. We have to have a real desire to do what God wants. That is Hope and Trust.hope trust

Nothing else in the whole world is worth doing more than the will of God. Of course, if we want to know the Lord’s will, if we want the wisdom, we have got to ask. (James 1:4) We have to seek the Lord’s will while telling Him that we will do it whatever it is. Until we say that prayer of abandonment, the Lord will have difficulty getting through to us. Then the waiting becomes the toughest part of the equation. We have to become skilled in waiting for Him Psalm: 37:7

One form of discernment occurs with a group of people committed to each other. Through coincidences or unexpected happenings one member will think he or she has caught the Lord’s direction. The group will respond to an authentic word when they hear it from a member. There is a peace in their hearts that is hard to mistake. No major moves are made without receiving the Word.

One final word of caution: we have to know it is all right with God if we get it wrong. He can deal with our mistakes. His plan is very flexible. Honest mistakes are part of the learning process. So we shouldn’t take ourselves seriously. God knows we are often imperfect and fallible. We may discover the hard way that something that was not God led at all was a complete waste of time, energy and money.

All the wisdom on earth does not compare to divine wisdom, the gift of God, and insight into His will for all of us. That’s the wisdom that you want. If the Lord has a plan for you, it must be assumed first, that He is willing to convey this wisdom to you, and second, that there is a way that you can get hold of it. Continue reading IN GOD WHOM WE TRUST 2